Upholstery cleaning

Upholstery cleaning


Proper and daily upholstery cleaning can add years of life to your furniture by bringing back the original coloring and removing dirt or harsh particles that cause fiber damage.

At SOS Deep Cleaning, we offer gentle, professional, effective and quality upholstery cleaning for any material which includes synthetic fabrics, cotton and cotton blends, Haitian cotton, velvet, velour, and leather.

Here at SOS Deep Cleaning, our professionals and skilled workers always understand about how to clean your home or office upholstery without damaging it. We always ready to help you to extend the life of your furniture, and keep it beautiful for a long time to come. That's why we don't just clean surface stains. We clean deep down below the surface to wash away harsh, damage-causing particles. Left alone, those particles would rub their rough edges against the delicate fabric, cutting and damaging it.

To eliminate rugs and unhealthy elements, our professionals use specially-formulated upholstery cleaning products along with a combination or latest and modern machinery and tools for satisfied and quality cleaning.

Having years of experience in upholstery cleaning industry, we offer skills, atmosphere friendly cleaning products and a team of professional and skilled cleaners that always make sure that your home or business premises are spotlessly cleaned every time. Our carpet cleaning service is second to none, and that's why we have a loyal customer base and a solid reputation as being the New Jersey's leading cleaning company.

At SOS Deep Cleaning Services, we provide our best upholstery cleaning service for both commercial and residential sectors. We understand that homes and businesses have different needs, and that's why Swift cleaning services occupies an enviable position to fulfill those needs. Feel free to contact with one of our customer representative for further assistance and guidance.